MOTORYOGA: Yoga & Kids Yoga for Charity to support kids in hardship
MotorYoga is an adventurous yoga based charity project. Its revenues support kids in hardship. MotorYoga travels across all Europe to teach adult and kidsyoga workshops. It fundraises the creation of a Photographic Book whose revenue will be donated toward two non-profit organizations that work with kids in hardship.
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The goal of MotorYoga is to support two non-profit associations that are helping children and kids in hardship: either leaving in difficult social or family environments or affected by serious sickness. Meanwhile the project aims to create new bridges and positive relationships between kids and adults of different cultures, nationalities, and religious beliefs, because in this moment of history we are facing the danger of separation and segregation, we are risking to break those relationships and links so hardly built starting from the end of the world wars. MotorYoga proposes and shares the view of yoga accepted by the United Nation (UN) in 2015, when it was which officially recognized how “yoga can contribute in a holistic way to achieving an equilibrium between mind and body. The organizers believe that this approach to health and wellbeing can make a direct and useful contribution to humankind’s quest to achieve sustainable development and move towards lifestyles that are in harmony with nature”.


MotorYoga pursues these goals through the participation to an adventurous charity travel: riding a vintage motorbike across the whole Europe to fundraise the creation and publishing of a photographic Yoga Book whose revenues will be forever totally donated in favour of two non-profit organizations (you can read more information about them below). The protagonists of the book will be kids and adults from each and every country of Europe enjoying and sharing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness meditation practise.














Alessandro Giovinazzo is the creator of “MotorYoga – Riding for Kids”, he is a Yoga Alliance recognized yoga teacher and trainer E-RYT200 & E-RYT500. Alessandro is part of the teacher training staff of Evolation Yoga, an international yoga school based in California, which organize yoga teacher training worldwide in Vinyasa Flow, Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meditation. He also collaborates with other schools as Synergy Partner Yoga and he is an ambassador for the Rainbow Kids Yoga. Alessandro also works in the field of cuisine, specialized in cooking healthy and tasty vegetarian-vegan food for special holistic and yoga events. He runs a blog on travel, yoga, cuisine and philosophy. He adores dogs, especially shepherd’s dogs, surfing, street dance and funk music.


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Alessandro Giovinazzo

E-RYT500 E-RYT200 yoga teacher from Italy, cook, travel blogger, dogs lover. He is motivated to accomplish what many people think is absolutely insane

Business Director


This dude is a 17 years old Moto Guzzi Nevada 750cc, a serious bike ready to cross all Europe with Alex to help those kids and see them smiling



We are doing our best, but it could not be enough. We need a little help to succeed and support those kids in need.



In the midst of a decade of economic crisis, we are now also facing a social and cultural identity crisis. For these reasons and due to an intense and poorly controlled illegal immigration flow, many people have started reacting with fear and suspicion towards people or cultures different from their own one. Often what was only an initial suspicious attitude toward the “different” or the unknown is now turning into violence and rejection. The risk that we all run is to forget the hard lessons of the age of the world wars and to return to a Modern Middle Age of violence, separation, fanaticism and political extremism instead of continuing to move towards the building an harmonious planetarian system and lifestyles based on mutual respect and on the safeguard of Nature in all its diversity, whose different cultures are its very human expressions. These are MotorYoga foundations, from those considerations sprouted the goal of supporting kids and children in hardship, to give them the proof of the existence and possibility of a better future, and at the same time give and example of unity beyond external differences. MotorYoga believes in the diversity as a human opportunity that stimulates mankind’s growth. It believes that beyond any external difference, what any human being really needs daily and for which many children on the planet are still struggling for are: water, food, shelter, a real love contact. This is extremely clear if we observe children of any origin, whose physical, intellectual and emotional development is strictly dependant on those four points, as widely recognized by modern science. This is the reason why MotorYoga has two non-profit association working for children as beneficiaries and kids as protagonists. As long as only one child in the world is either thirsty or is taught to prevaricate over others, our work will be incomplete, until that time we cannot consider ourselves a real civilization.


The first beneficiary of our efforts is “Rhythm of Change – ROC Belize”, a trustworthy non-profit directed by Michelle Ashanti Williams, a well-known holistic therapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher. ROC does a great job assisting and supporting kids living in socially difficult environment of Belize in Central America. Alessandro Giovinazzo – founder of MotorYoga – participated in some of their events called “Days of Healing”, and he witnessed what a great job ROC is doing to bring a smile and peace to those boys raised in situations of violence or family hardship. The results have been excellent so far, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

The second association which will benefit from MotorYoga Book fundraising is “Dynamo Camp”, a non-profit one whose sole aim is social solidarity and operates, not for profit, in the social and social/health assistance field. Camp hosts for free children from 6 to 17 years with serious and chronic pathologies who are both in therapy and in the post-hospitalization stage. Dynamo Camp also offers programmes designed ad hoc for the whole family because such illnesses have an impact not only on the sick child but on the whole family. DC is the first Italian entertainment therapy camp, and part of the international “Serious Fun Children’s Network”. At Dynamo Camp smile and laughter are the primary medicine. Please notice that I’m not in any way directly associated with Dynamo Camp (not yet at least!) so it’s my personal choice to make it one of the two only beneficiaries of MotorYoga PhotoBook‘s revenues together with ROC.


(told by Alessandro)

About a year and a half ago (summer 2016) I received an unexpected gift, an old motorcycle: a Moto Guzzi Nevada 750cc, barely used and almost 20 years old. I had dreamed to own a motorbike for a long time and I was patiently waiting for a time when I could afford one. It was a totally unexpected and overwhelming gift that I felt I did not deserve it, hence I even thought of rejecting it. Happy and confused at the same time, I spent several days undecided on what to do, until I realized that refusing that present would be an insult to the person who gave it to me, who put all his heart into it, and in the end I accepted it. However, because of my travelling yoga life, there was the possibility that the gift would end up in a garage again unused and dusty. I didn’t want that! I strongly felt that that gift had to be valued and used with a purpose for a higher good, in the name of the relationship that bound me to the giver and as a real sign of gratitude. That Moto Guzzi, a vehicle of movement, ought to become a vehicle of transformation and awareness, a transporter of joy. But how to do it? Every time I was riding the motorcycle or thinking about the amazing person who gave it to me, I was feeling happy, excited, innocent and grateful as a child, I was really having a Motor-Yoga experience. It was then chatting and sharing these feeling and thoughts with friends and fellow yoga teachers that the name “motoryoga” came up and all its philosophy. Soon enough also the desire to make it true.


MotorYoga vision and birth had a direct impact on how the charity travel and book will have bee organized. In a few days the whole idea took shape: crossing all the 26 European countries on a vintage Moto Guzzi to teach yoga events and workshops either for children and adults, to raise awareness, share the benefit of yoga, and to collect at least one shot in each country for the photography book. All the funds collected during the trip would fundrise the cost for creating and publishing the MotorYoga Photo Book and the revenues from sales would be forever donated to two charitable non-profit associations working for children in need.










I put all the savings of the last few years into this charitable project, but this is not enough to guarantee its success. The logistic, technical and practical difficulties are many, and the expenses as well are. An initial estimate says:

1. 25,000 – 30.000 km to go, – A commitment of about 6 months in case of favourable logistic, good weather conditions and finding a regular help in each and every country.

2. The cost estimate amounts to € 14,200 and includes:

– basic camping equipment or CouchSurfing to avoid the higher costs of accommodation rentals – 300€

– basic motorcycle equipment – 3750€ (counted on the average l/km fuel consumption of the Motorbike)

– non-avoidable customs or highway tickets and fees around – 750€

– basic motorcycle equipment – 450€

– motorcycle overhaul – 500€

– motorcycle tires x2 – 360€ (need to be changed every 12.000km)

– Regular Vegetarian Food – 2500€

– Camera and action cam accessories to record testimonials and videoblogging: 650€

– book post-editing and publishing costs for 5 hundred printed copies + Ebook version: 5000€

This is the first time I use YouCare, so I decided to start this campaign initially asking support for only 7.000€ which half the price of the real estimated cost. Eventually a second campaign can be started while already on the road, or hopefully, the donation will already cover all costs. Of cours,e in case of great success and a fully founded MotorYoga project, any leftover found will be immediately donated to the already mentioned organization together with the book sales revenues.

In case of full success, the sales of all 500 copies of the photographic book at a price of 25€ each, will rise 12.500€ for ROC and Dynamo Camp, and this excluding the ebook sales. I want to remember as the book revenues will be forever donated for charity!

Half of the people I talk to about the project they like it but think I am crazy to rely on people’s support. The other half is excited and would like to join me (of course you can!) and they are sure I can make it. Perhaps they are both right, but my question to you is:

what real change and transformation is possible without risking everything we have or we are and without the courage of asking other’s help?

I trust you, and I trust that you are supporting me, I believe there are many more good people around that we think there are. That’s why at the beginning of May 2018, despite all the difficulties, I will jump on the motorbike and start “riding for kids”.


Few businesses, several individual donors have fortunately already contributed to the project. Some have offered their services and skills free of charge or donated part of the equipment, some either donated some money or decided to officially sponsor the project investing in advertising. All these people, sponsors or single backers have donated with their heart, known that together we can make a difference, they know that unity means strength and success. They are all persons who want to leave a better world to their children, a world where travelling will be safe, where you are free to express your ideas, a world that is still worth living. It is for this amazing dream-world that I am here asking for your support!


If trust us donate directly through Paypal and avoid the 5% fee of GoFundMe platform, use this link